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Helli: Escape from Wodge's Rock by A.L. McAmi (Capparoe Books, 2016)
Helli: Escape from Wodge’s Rock

By A.L. McAmi
On her twelfth birthday, Helli discovers she is destined to be the next ruler of the True Shee, the magical winged “gentle people” of the Highlands and Islands of the Scotland of long ago. Rescued by her daring godmother Blind Meg, Helli has been a fugitive – hidden from the wicked Wodge who oppresses the Shee people on the Distant Islands. Now the peaceful life of Helli and her twin cousins Siddy and Jeddy is turned upside down as they set off on a great adventure across her kingdom to discover their magic powers. (Ages 8 to 12+) Read more about the first book in the Helli trilogy…



Helli Book Two logo
Helli Book Two

By A.L. McAmi
The adventures of Helli, Siddy, and Jeddy continue in Book Two of the Helli trilogy. Read more…



Eddie's Halloween by Mike Jones (cover)
Eddie’s Halloween
By Mike Jones
Eddie goes trick-and-treating but disregards his parents’ warning about eating too much candy – with nightmarish results. (Ages 4 to 7) Read more…